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This site is being edited weekly. (If possible)

David V. Sibel Sr.
This site is being edited weekly. (If possible)

David V. Sibel Sr.
Skill or specialty: In business since 1958. I was the prior owner of Green Acre Landscaping Inc. in Framingham MA. I sold Green Acre Landscaping in 1996. Since then I've started doing Water Features and am the sole proprietor of David Sibel dba Water Features. We mainly do water garden maintenance but will do design and construction of water features. Although my prime interest is in the water garden area, We also do a lot of troubleshooting such as looking for leaks, water losses, and algae control.
For Ponds in a Pot, we are concentrating on the smaller features that include Planters, Pondless Features, Troughs, Urns and Vases, Fountains and Cisterns and of course Pots of various sizes and styles.

This link to Pinterest is where I've collected over 1000 photos of which you can choose one or more and send them to me at dvsibel@gmail.com and I'll see if I can replicate or construct one similar.

Click on Ponds in a Pot below. The examples on Pinterest are not my creations. One of them may appeal to you.....If so, let me know and I'll see what I can do. The pictures of mine are in the works.

2021 is my 64th year of having my own horticultural business. I will be concentrating on small water features Ponds in a Pot (Pictures on Pinterest) here in Mass. and in Titusville, FL.
David V. Sibel Sr.
Water Features
Google Voice Mail 978-993-0102
David Sr. Cell 508-294-0308
David Jr. Cell 781-864-8248
New Website: Ponds in a Pot
Ponds-in-a-Pot: 978-234-4243 (Voice Mail)
Website www.diversities.biz

“Enthusiasm can help you find the new doors,
but it takes passion to open them.”
~ Roy T Bennett

"We should never stop learning"
~David V. Sibel Sr.

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About Us
Our Mission
At Ponds in a Pot we are committed to providing the best possible service in our industry. We strive to provide quality sales, service, troubleshooting as well as pond construction to our customers with an honest and eager attitude. We desire to create a culture of trust and respect, while cultivating lifelong relationships among our customers and employees.

  • Focus on excellence in our operation.
  • Strive to perform at our highest potential individually and collectively.
  • Pursue to make a positive impact.
  • Execute roles and positions with pride and integrity.
  • Build a passion for quality and efficiency.

We have started this website and this branch of Water Features (www.diversities.biz) and www.pondsinapot.info to help folks choose and implement smaller features. This includes the choice of a feature, the layout on your property and the construction of the same. Maintenance will be of prime importance since your investment constantly changes. The plants that can be added are plentiful with annuals and perennials used.
If you see something of interest, send me an email with a link or other means of identification of your choice (s) and I will contact you regarding further info needed. 
You are welcome to purchase  items from us or directly from the vendors that I have listed. Just let them know where you found what you like.

This link to Pinterest is where I've collected over 1000 photos of which you can choose one or more and send them to me at dvsibel@gmail.com and I'll see if I can replicate or construct one similar.

Link of the Week...Why should I aerate my pond?

The following are a list of my personal favorites:
How to locate a leak in your pond

Our Mission and Link of The Week

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Supply Sources

Supply sources where you can see a variety of features including Blue Thumb, Aquascape Inc..

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Design and Consultation

We do consultations within 15 miles of Acton, MA 01720. We do charge for travel time by an hourly rate. We try to keep our area of work to a designated area centered around Acton, MA We do pond maintenance in or near the towns of Acton, Concord, Sudbury, Westford Boxboro, Harvard Stow, Marlboro, Framingham, Natick, Sherborn, Dover and Southboro.

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Monthly, Weekly, Yearly, or When Needed



We install features from pots to Pondless, and larger ponds if requested. We do like to concentrate on the small features up to and including small water gardens.

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Distinctive Statuary in Orlando FL

Fountains from Italy. Fountains from Mexico. Fountains from Spain. Fountains from around the USA. Choose from two, three and four tier fountains, wall fountains, fountains with surround pools, shell type fountains and pre-formed waterfalls. Fountains, fountains, fountains, over four hundred in stock waiting for you to select the right one for your home, office, hotel, motel or restaurant. Visit our "Finished Works Gallery" and view many of the fountains we have installed around the state of Florida.

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Steve and Connie:Client

Email: Cdevito44@gmail.com Message: David and son. When you find talented, hard working, reliable, honorable, honest people (let’s not forget nice) in this day and age it’s something to celebrate. We could go on and on with well deserved accolades. Heck let’s add a few more in. Punctual, organized with a keen eye for making our water feature feel like our own Shanghai-la ! You were a pleasure to have around our home. We feel very lucky to have found you. Please have any of your new clients call us a for more than a Stellar recommendation. Best wishes , Connie and Steve Lexington ma.

~Debbie Mattie~:Client-Debbie Mattie

03/20/14 I met Dave in 1996 when he engineered my beautiful water garden from an empty landscape. His natural intuition for form and function designed a water garden that was beyond compare with waterfalls, stream, bridge and steps and 3 ponds. He helped me through the years to enhance it and care for it. We shared plants, fish and of course a long and lasting friendship. Whenever I needed him for some pond emergency he was there and lots of times we worked side by side in the mud. He also is a master pruner! – Debbie Mattie

Jeffrey Lawrence, Principal:Client-Jeffrey Lawrence

02/03/2014 David built a water feature in our back yard this year. Watching him craft the feature to fit the space was amazing. We experienced a few problems with leaks and overly expansive plant growth. In each case, David was quick to return our calls and show up at our house to solve our problems. He is a true artisan. I would recommend him without reservation. Jeffrey Lawrence, Principal

( “Contact name is available on request”):Client-( “Contact name is available on request”)

02/06/14 We’ve worked with David for nearly two decades, and consider him an outstanding landscape designer with an excellent understanding of plants and a willingness to do whatever it takes to make thing work well.

Andy and Jane, Concord Ma:Andy and Jane, Concord, Ma

"Thanks to David's skills and thoughtful attention, our small pond with waterfall, habited by our friendly koi, provide our yard an oasis of tranquility and beauty throughout the year."

  • 100 Powdermill Rd. Ste. 231, Acton MA 01720-5932