Our Mission and Link of The Week

We have started this website and this branch of Water Features (www.diversities.biz) to help folks choose and implement smaller features. This includes the choice of a feature, the layout on your property and the construction of the same. Maintenance will be of prime importance since your investment constantly changes. The plants that can be added are plentiful with annuals and perennials used.
If you see something of interest, send me an email with a link or other means of identification of your choice (s) and I will contact you regarding further info needed. 
You are welcome to purchase  items from us or directly from the vendors that I have listed. Just let them know where you found what you like.

This link to Pinterest is where I've collected over 800 photos of which you can choose one or more and send them to me at dvsibel@gmail.com and I'll see if I can replicate or construct one similar.

Link of the Week...Why should I aerate my pond?

The following are a list of my personal favorites:
How to locate a leak in your pond
Our Mission and Link of The Week